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Modern Bidding System, 7 class series: 

Starts on: TBA

This series is designed for beginners & novice players who have a basic understanding of bridge. We will go through primary bridge conventions in detail and then practice with simulated hands that correspond to the subject of the day. Each class is a stand-alone, so you may attend specific classes that interest you. For details, click on MODERN. Click on Class Notes to download reference material for each class and more.

Basic plus: 

Starts on: TBA

This is a series of classes on special topics such as New Minor Forcing, Inverted minors, Special doubles, Two Over One, to just name a few, held throughout the year.  Knowledge of the basic conventions is helpful. For the details click on PLUS.

Free 2 hour class/introduction to duplicate bridge:
This class is designed for social/party bridge players who would like to get a better understanding of duplicate bridge. For details click on Free.

Private Lessons :
1 on 1 lesson can be scheduled at a mutually agreed location or online or at any ACBL sanctioned games or at the tournament game.

Mentor Game: 

Starts on: TBA

The mentor game is the fastest way of solidifying your bridge fundamentals in a non-threatening environment. We start with a preset board and play some practice hands. During and after each hand we take time out to review the hand and discuss various aspects of it such as bidding, a play of the hand, and defense. We also discuss any conventions that may have come up. All in all, this is very educational. For more details, click on MENTOR.

You need not need to come with a partner, but it is recommended that you do so that you can build your understanding of the partnership dynamic.

Group classes: 

Interested in learning bridge at your own speed with your friends? If you have a group of 4 or more, we can organize a class tailored to whatever topic you would like to learn. We can do this online or even in the comfort of your own home! Please contact us to schedule such classes.

Introduction to Bridge – Learn Bridge In a Day?:

There are a lot of rules, both written and unwritten, in the game of bridge. We understand it can be intimidating to learn all of these rules and etiquette and to sit and down and play with other people.  That is why we are using a program created by a well-known teacher Patty Tucker – “Learn Bridge in Day? ” It is a class geared for people who had never played bridge before or for the player who played a while ago and needs a refresher. Click on LBIAD for details.