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Modern Bidding System, 8 weeks class: Next Class on Oct 16, 2019.
This class series is designed for beginners & novice players who have a basic understanding of bridge. We will go through primary bridge conventions in detail and then practice with simulated hands that correspond to the subject of the day. Each class is a stand-alone, so you may attend specific classes that interest you. For details, click on Flyer. Click on Class Notes to download reference material for each class and more.

Beyond Basic: Next 5 class series on Octo 19, 2019.

This is a series of classes on special topics that are held throughout the year.  Knowledge of the basic conventions is helpful. My good friends Phyllis Siegel, Lee Hastings plus I have conducted these classes in the past. Next Series is on Octo 19, for the schedule and details click on the flyer.

Free 2 hour class/introduction to duplicate bridge:
This class is designed for social/party bridge players who would like to get a better understanding of duplicate bridge. For details click on Flyer.

Private Lessons :
1 on 1 lesson can be scheduled at a mutually agreed location or at my J’s Bridge Pad or at any ACBL sanctioned games or at the tournament

Mentor Game: 

Mentor game is the fastest way of solidifying your bridge fundamentals in a non-threatening environment. We start with a preset board and play some practice hands. During and after each hand we take time out to review the hand and discuss various aspects of it such as bidding, a play of the hand and defence. We also discuss any conventions that may have come up. All in all, this is very educational.

You need not need to come with a partner, but it is recommended that you do so that you can build your understanding of the partnership dynamic.

Group classes: 

Interested in learning bridge at your own speed with your friends? If you have a group of 4 or more, we can organize a class tailored to whatever topic you would like to learn. We can do this at J’s Bridge Pad or even in the comfort of your own home!

Introduction to Bridge :

Are you new to the bridge? Or have you played bridge in the past and forgotten? Sign up for the comfortably-paced introduction to the bridge.

Online Lessons & Videos:

Watch this space for announcements. For the details, click on Flyer.