Class Notes

Beginners’ Bridge:
L3.1 – Bridge Basics
L3.2 – Bidding Guide
L3.3 – Play n Defense

Basic :

L1.1a – Opening Bid Process
L1.1b – Counting Points
L1.1c – Conventions
L1.2a – Minor Opening
L1.2b – Minor Opening – Hands
L1.3 – Major Suit Opening
L1.4 – One No Trump
L1.5 – Pre-emptive
L1.6 – Strong Bids
L1.7 – Doubles

Basic Plus :

L2.1 – Play, Defense n Signals
L2.2 – Opening Leads
L2.3 – Doubles
L2.4 – New Minor Forcing
L2.5 – Jacoby 2N
L2.6 – Forcing Bids
L2.7 – Michael’s/2N
L2.8 – Interfering Bids
L2.9 – Two over One-Majors
L2.10 – To DBL or Not to Double
L2.11 – Overcalls

L4.1 – 2/1 Majors

Other Notes and ref. material:
Opening 1NT with Singleton
Team Games Strategy by Debie Romero
Basic Scoring & Score Table
ACBL Conv. Card Feb 2014
ACBL Standard Yellow Card
Bridge Etiquette.
Points Count Systems

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