Dian Barker

Dian grew up playing cards with her family.  When she was in college, she played double decker pinochle every Sunday at her home, and in the college game room she was playing hearts, spades and rummy.  Her dad, who was a money bridge player, had learned to play bridge during his 18 months in a German prisoner of war camp, started teaching Dian bridge in her junior year of high school.

Dian played socially and infrequently for several years.  She earned her 1st duplicate points at the American Women’s club in Tehran, Iran in 1972. It was a twelve table game and she placed 1st and received .90 point.  She still has that master point slip.  She took a bridge break to raise her son.   When she began playing duplicate in late 1990 she got hooked on bridge. She feels she has had the great privilege of meeting and knowing some truly great players.   Perhaps one of the most memorable was  playing with Omar Sharif in Atlantic City in 1990.

She became Life Master in 1995 and is currently a Silver Life Master.  She took the directors test in 2012 and became a director.  She has joined jTeam and for starter she is running Wed night game at 6:15.

Jo Chorpening

I have started playing duplicate bridge in Cleveland a long time ago. After moving to St. Louis became a life Master in 2013.

I Have been coaching beginners and assisting in directing the novice games at Hearth Room Cafe for about 2 years. I am continuing to help run the jPad, coach the beginners and assisting in directing the games at jPad. I just got my Director’s license and will start directing the games at jPad.

Lee Hastings

I started playing duplicate bridge in the mid-70s and took up the hobby passionately the mid-80s. Bridge, specifically tournament bridge as we know it, faces numerous challenges to its viability as our current membership ages .

I started playing duplicate bridge in the mid-70s and took up the hobby passionately the mid-80s. Bridge, specifically tournament bridge as we know it, faces numerous challenges to its viability as our current membership ages.

Additionally, I am an Diamond Life Master, an ACBL-certified teacher for bridge and Easybridge.  I am both a club director and the current owner of the jPad’s Monday & Tuesday morning games. I also run the 8 Is Enough at jPad on the first Sunday of the month.

I love education and learning.  I have a BA in Business Administration and Economics, an MS in Risk Management and Insurance, an MBA with a concentration in Finance, the CPCU designation, and 7 insurance associate degrees.

  • Former  President and board committees member for a non-for-profit adult day care organization
  • Current volunteer President of my homeowner’s association
  • Member of four national committees for insurance industry organizations directing.
  • Projects and planning national seminars and meetings
  • Former member of audit and operations review committees for employers involved in merger and acquisitions of operations

I am married to Jennifer Luner and have three cats, Caesar, Cleopatra, and Charm(ian).

Jay at blackboard1

Jay Shah

My dad tried to introduce bridge to us kids back in India when I was 10 years old. It was completely over my head then, and some of you think it still is! Eventually, I started learning to play bridge during my graduate studies (EE) at St. Louis U.  Played Lunch Bridge for 35 plus years until, picked up duplicate in 2003.

I always liked bridge but duplicate made me fall in love with it head over heels! Aptly, my wife calls bridge my mistress and my jPad heaven!

I got my ACBL teacher’s accreditation in 2010 and directorship 2011. I am a Ruby Life Master. I was a born teacher. Tutor my siblings & aunt/uncles, Lecturer at an Electrical Engineering College in India and always a coach for the beginners at various engineering companies. Presenter and author of many technical papers & tutorials at national and international conferences.

A dream of running my own club finally came true in March 2016 with the help of my great Friend Jo Chorpening. My goal is to make the club most friendly and fun place to play bridge.

I have and continue to thrive to make bridge fun (and non-threatening) for novice players. Encourage the participation by the novice/beginner bridge players in tournaments. So far, I have had a good success in getting the novices to play in my game. Many of the jbrdge and jPad students/regulars have played in many tournaments (local and out of town) in last four years and have earned numerous trophies and many points.

Phyllis Siegel

I am a ruby life master, certified bridge teacher, and ACBL director. I learned to play bridge at Washington University, but didn’t start playing duplicate until I retired from teaching school. Then, I got caught by the “bridge bug”. Once a teacher, always a teacher. I LOVE teaching.

I have been teaching Beginners’ Bridge and Intermediate/ Party Bridge, pay & play classes, Intro to Duplicate, and Bridge in a Day, at the St Louis Community College, St Louis Bridge Center,  Affton Community Center, and on cruises.  I have also taught Bridge 4 Kids at local schools.  I am a teacher at Youth Bridge Camp in Carlinville, IL, and organizer and teacher at High School Bridge Camp in St. Joseph, MO.

Teaching bridge is my FUN job. I love when my students do well and have fun. I run a Swiss team game monthly, Bridge & lunch game weekly, pot luck dinner &  bridge games, and novice-life master game every other month. Duplicate is an amazing game. We have an amazing St Louis bridge family, and we want you to be part of it. Bring a friend and join me at the bridge table. Such a deal!!!

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